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How To Plan The Perfect Event

Look Like An Event Planning Expert With These Great Steps

Imagine being given the task to plan an amazing event, for a friend, co worker, family member or your boss and you have no clue where to begin.  We have some steps that will help you each and every time. 

It can seem a bit overwhelming to throw the perfect party and well you only know how to blow up balloons and hang streamer.  It is going to take a little more than that.  Well we are here to help.

Determine The Date

Some dates to keep in mind especially if it is a holiday event December 5th Hanukkah ends, Christmas ends on December 25th and Kwanzaa begins on December 26th.  You want to stay clear of these dates. Choose a date in between those times to make sure schedules are clear. Holiday Parties pop up fast in the corporate world you may want to consider doing one around lunch time.  Yes the vibe will be different than that of the evening.  Maybe you could allow everyone a half of day and start the party around 5 pm as opposed to 7pm.  Most will be grateful to get off early and feel obliged to attend.  

Selecting A Venue

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Of Course if you are in Charlotte, NC the obvious location would be Label.  But this blog is to be informative and help make your planning as easy as pie.  It all will really determine the amount of individuals that will be attending.  You can hold it at your office however people may still feel like they are at work and won't have as much fun.  So removing them from their day to day environment and offering something a little more visual stimulating with great music and food is always the best way.

Selecting A Menu

This can be the tricky part.  So many people have so many different tastes and are on different types of diets.  Prior to setting your menu you may want to find out if anyone has any special dietary needs. That can help you pick a menu that will satisfy everyone a head of time.  You can never go wrong with a mixture of light and heavy hor' d'ourves. Cheeses and fruits are great starts but you can never go wrong with finger foods.  If it is more of an awards dinner work with your caterer to see what meals they have.  Again you will have to keep in mind special dietary needs so letting your guest pick an option is always a good thing to do. 


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You will need some form of entertainment.  Once you have your venue and time, you can easily determine what type of entertainment.  Whether it is Live Entertainment or a DJ.  If you are having more of a sit down event than you want to go Live Entertainment.  If it is more of a mix and mingle a DJ would be better and you must have a dance floor. 

No matter what your event we are sure it will be a complete success if you follow these easy steps. 

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