Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Holiday Party Themes You Will Love

5 Great Party Theme Ideas We Love!!

Tis the Season", for planning, food tasting, guest counts, and pulling your hair out. So your boss or family member has given you the task of planning the holiday event "Bah Humbug" Well don't worry we have got you covered so that you won't be a Scrooge. 

We have found some great Christmas Party Theme ideas courtesy of Marie Claire.  We have narrowed it down to our "Fav Five"

The Ugly Sweater Party

Photo credit Scott Kleinsman/PhotoDisc

The Cooke Swap

Photo Credit France Ruffenach

Nothing Says Tasty Holiday Lovin like Christmas
Cookies.  Everyone bring a batch of their
favorite holiday cookies to share.  
Chit chat about old holiday memories over a glass
of wine.  A whole lot of sugary goodness for this

Holiday Movie Marathon

Photo Credit MGM/UA/The Kobal Collection

Don't say you don't like getting in touch with your inner 
child. We all have a favorite movie that makes us all
warm and fuzzy inside like a cup of warm cocoa. 
Line them all up with your favorite foods and watch
and enjoy.  This is a great one for a friends and family 

12 Days of Appetizers Party

Photo Credit Jill Chen/Istock

This Holiday Party will make you so glad that 
the New year is right around the corner. You
will definitely indulge in fantastic finger foods.  
But oh such a tasty delight.  Pleas note: you 
will not eat just one, or two, or three. 

Christmas Carol Karaoke

Photo Credit James Carmen/Blend Images

We all know that Karaoke is fun.  This is fun for a corporate
event or intimate gathering of family and friends.  A couple of
glasses of Egg Nog and you will be belting out the tunes 
like you are Barbara Streisand....Well maybe not. But it will 
definitely make for great conversation around the water cooler
the next day. 

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courtesy of Marie Claire

I am sure we all have accumulated tons of "Ugly Sweaters" over the years.  Well now it is time to show them off.  If you don't have one, you can always visit a thrift shop or department store and you will definitely find one.  You can even have a Ugly Sweater fashion show complete with Prizes.  This is one of our favorites. 

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